Credit: Bjoern Kommerell

It’s a question that’s asked more often than you realize.

The Young and the Restless’ Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) faced a question that is surprisingly more common than not among kids in regards to their parents. We’re not quite sure why so many often ask, “Am I adopted,” but nonetheless they do, which was the case during a conversation between the soap vet and her son Jameson.

Stafford posted a super adorable photo of her “sweet dad” holding her “back in the day,” then explained, “The other night J said ‘I’m pretty sure I’m adopted’,” to which she replied, “No,” and asked why he wondered such a thing. She went on to recall Jameson saying, “Because I’m the only one with dark hair.”

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As fans know, Stafford and her daughter Natalia have lighter hair and she had to remind Jameson to look at her roots but when “he wasn’t having it,” she showed him a photo of her handsome dad with the dark hair, “widow’s peak and all.”

So, if you’re ever faced with the “am I adopted” question from your curious kids, take a page out of Stafford’s book… not only will your kids get to see some similarities between them and their family members, it’ll be a fun opportunity to look back at old photos and the memories that are captured in them.

View a family photo of Stafford with Jameson and big sister Natalia, as well as other soap stars and their real-life kids, in our gallery below.