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Who will be there in the emotional aftermath of *this* message?

Genoa City parents-to-be, Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter, went off to see birth mother Delphine deliver their baby girl and it’s been radio silence since their departure. Now, Young & Restless spoilers tell us that Mariah will give Sharon surprising news before week’s end.

What we do know is that it won’t simply be an update that the baby has been born, as that wouldn’t be at all surprising given that it’s exactly what was expected to happen. Will Delphine still not have delivered even though she was due at the end of February?!? Or perhaps the baby has been born and it turned out to be a boy instead of a girl — that does happen on occasion despite the advances in technology. It would definitely have been a surprise, that’s for sure.

Mariah’s unexpected news might have to do with the baby’s name. Would she and Tessa decide to name their daughter after her late twin sister, Cassie? That would certainly be emotional for Sharon. It could also be that “Teriah” have decided to stay on with Delphine for an extended period of time considering how they’ve bonded with the young woman. This would be a blow to Sharon, who is anxious to meet her first grandchild.
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It’s also unclear if Mariah will be delivering the unforeseen news in person or in a phone call, but it’s a good bet that Sharon will be overcome with emotion regardless and will want to share this with someone… or lean on someone’s strong shoulder for support.

Chance is the logical choice given their recent new closeness, however, the storyline seems to have veered away from the flirtation in recent weeks. Is it because the writers have decided not to “go there” or simply because Sharon Case was taking time off? If so, they’ll likely pick up where they left off now that she’s back onscreen, and the handsome Chancellor man could be ready to offer support in much the way she did when he split with Abby.
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Of course, Nick is always a safe bet. A little at loose ends now that Sally has told Adam he’s the father of her baby, Nick could start hanging out at Crimson Lights more often and come along at just the right time to be there for Sharon, or, if the news is of the “Cassie” nature, share in the emotion of the moment. Sally walking in and seeing them in an embrace might be the catalyst for doubt, and lead to her relationship with Nick starting to unravel — and for her and Adam to grow gradually closer again.

You can’t count Adam out, however. He’s always there for Sharon, and Sally finding him comforting his ex-wife would strengthen her resolve not to trust him and to stay with Nick.

What news will Mariah deliver to Sharon, and who will Sharon turn to afterward? Let us know your predictions in the comment section below.

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