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Soap karma is about to hit the billionaire like a body blow.

Young & Restless’s Devon Hamilton is generally thought of as a good guy, but there’s no denying he’s done some people wrong over the years. If you don’t believe us, just ask Chance and Amanda, who were the most recent people in his life to be hurt by one of his “mistakes” when they caught him in his birthday suit on the living room sofa with Abby in a shocking turn of events.

Although he lost Amanda, Devon seems to have suffered very little for his transgression, having taken up with Abby rather seamlessly in the aftermath. However, it looks like there could be a double dose of that ol’ soap karma headed his way…
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Being at odds with Lily isn’t necessarily a new thing for Devon, but fighting over something as important as the company he built with Neil is surely something he never saw coming or he’d never have agreed to merge Hamilton-Winters with Chancellor Industries in the first place. Heading into this lawsuit, Devon realizes there’s a battle ahead but what his sister is about to serve up, he’ll never expect.

Up to this point, Lily has tried to avoid a confrontation in the courtroom with her brother, and insisted that this was all about her wanting the two of them to work together to preserve Neil’s legacy. It sounds, however, as if she’s about to lose her patience with the conciliatory approach.
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Yep, Young & Restless spoilers tell us that Lily decides to play dirty, which is definitely going to take Devon by surprise and doesn’t bode well for his already uphill battle in court. We can only imagine what Dru’s daughter will spring on her unsuspecting sibling… after all, her partner in this war is none other than Jill Foster Abbott.

But that’s only part of the soap karma equation. As Young & Restless viewers well know, Devon’s disgruntled ex is headed back to Genoa City, and Mishael Morgan teased Amanda Sinclair in courtroom scenes with Lauralee Bell’s Christine, who signed on to represent the billionaire in his lawsuit against Chancellor-Winters. What does this mean?

Well, we saw Lily call Amanda and appeal to her to return and represent her and Jill, so she must have agreed to do so. This certainly doesn’t bode well for Devon’s chances in the legal wrangle. Why? Amanda is as well-known for winning cases as Christine is for losing them.

So, it looks as though Devon’s about to get hit with a double-whammy. First, his sister will take him by surprise with a dirty maneuver and then soap karma may see to it that Devon not only loses his bid to secure Hamilton-Winters, but does so thanks to the efforts of the woman he cheated on. Ouch.

Luckily for Devon, he may have the option of snapping up Tucker’s empire as a consolation prize.

Do you think Devon has some karma coming his way? Does he deserve it? What do you think will happen in court? Let us know in the comment section below.

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