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“You’ve got to be careful… ”

Young & Restless vets Jason Thompson and Melissa Claire Egan are so good, they could have chemistry with a potted plant. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that viewers will have an easy time getting behind a potential romance for Billy and Chelsea — not after the circumstances of their first interaction back in Myanmar.

“It’s tough,” Thompson tells Soap Opera Digest. “It’s even difficult for me to speak on because it’s so delicate. You’re talking about some pretty sensitive storyline points that they take very seriously because they have personal stories that are being kind of reflected upon and brought to the surface again.

“It can be very, very triggering for people,” he continues, “so you’ve got to be delicate, you’ve got to be careful… and maybe if you’re lucky, give something for someone to believe in. But it’s not going to work for everyone.”

Billy Chelsea Y&R

Slow and steady is the only way.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

If viewers have been able to get behind everything from Patty’s complete plastic-surgery makeover to Skye’s death-by-volcano, maybe they can also get behind a Billy/Chelsea relationship. After all, they’ve forgiven Victor for imprisoning a man and feeding him a steady diet of rats and Adam for letting Sharon believe that her daughter was dead.

At the end of the day, the question, as Thompson sees it, may be, “Can you believe in love? Yeah, absolutely, and it can come from some pretty dark places sometimes.”

That being the case, he concludes, “Billy and Chelsea can continue to evolve, and then who knows where you can get to?”

As we root for Billy to get one right, review some of his questionable past choices in the below photo gallery.