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He’s the one who got away… at least for the time being.

When The Young and the Restless broke up Billy and Lily, it wasn’t just the characters that lost each other, the actors who play them lost their regular scene partners. And as soon as Christel Khalil stopped working day in and day out with Jason Thompson, she admitted to Soap Opera Digest, “I already miss [him].

“He’s such an amazing actor, and we got along really well,” she added. “We had so much fun working together, and I definitely miss that.”

Billy asks Lily for another shot at Club Y&R

“It’s not you, it’s… the storyline.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Of course, the end of the on-screen romance doesn’t necessarily mean the end forever. Look at how often Billy has been re-paired with exes like Victoria and now Chelsea. So down the line, it could happen again for him and Lily, too. “I hope they bring those characters back together,” Khalil said. “That’s the fun part for fans, right?”

Yup, we all enjoy watching with our fingers crossed as if that will convince the powers that be to rematch our faves. At least we won’t be alone in doing so for Billy and Lily. “I hope we’re able to go down that road again,” said Khalil.

As Lily moves forward, let’s go backwards for a bit, shall we? Take a look at the below photo gallery, which tells the character’s whole life story — and may include a big hint about what her future holds (and whom she’ll be holding in it!).