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“Lord have mercy… is he high maintenance!”

Being a working mom with two kids, one would think that Young & Restless‘ Michelle Stafford wouldn’t have much time on her hands, let alone for love. But hey, when Mr. Right comes knocking, you open the door… especially when he’s as adorable as the new “guy” in her life.

“I have always liked ‘bad boys,'” Phyllis portrayer admitted on Instagram when introducing her new live-in love. “I guess it’s just crossed over into animals as well.” With that, she shared a first pic of her new snuggle buddy.


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“Rufus is the first hound I have ever had,” she shared. “Lord have mercy… is he high maintenance! And that bark that I always found so comical and cute when it was someone else’s bloodhound is just annoying when he starts doing it at 7:30 a.m. every damn day! But he is cute!”

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Like many a woman before her, Stafford hopes that she can convince Rufus to change his ways. “I’m sure he will turn into a good boy soon,” she joked. “I hope I live to see it!”

Something tells us that perhaps Phyllis, too, should get a pup… although in her case, it might be best to go with a doberman or other type of trained guard dog. Why? Because it’s starting to feel as if her natural penchant for getting into trouble is kicking into high gear. As if being fired by both (!) her daughter and son weren’t bad enough, she’s still got nemesis Diane to deal with… not to mention Jeremy Stark! Despite having been burned often enough to know better, Phyllis can’t stop playing with fire. Heck, she’ll be lucky if the only thing that happens is landing in the doghouse with Rufus!

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