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The Mustache has been uber-confident of late, but it’s all but certain he’s in for a wake-up call.

Young & Restless’s Black Knight is used to getting his way when it comes to wheeling and dealing in big business — heck, he gave himself the name Victor because it stands for ‘victorious’ — and when it comes to nabbing control of Tucker’s McCall’s company, we’ve seen him acting uber-confident in recent weeks. But he may be in for a wake-up call.

“What?!?” you’re thinking… “Of course, he should be confident; he’s Victor Newman.” We’d normally agree, but in this case, a scenario has been set that is lose/lose for the Mustache. Let us explain…

In the latest battle between the Newman and Abbott clans, it’s Victoria and Victor vs. Ashley, who both have designs on McCall Unlimited. Ashley bought up Tucker’s debt, thereby making considerable inroads, but the purchase was not enough to give her control of the company.

Tucker agonized to see what his ex-wife would do next after making the bold move, and she recently showed her hand (or at least part of it) when she urged McCall to sell, not to the Newmans, but to his son, Devon. It’s become clear that Ashley believes to some extent what Tucker has been telling her — that even though he went about it the wrong way, his end goal was to build something with her (the woman he purportedly loves) and his son — and that this is all that matters to him.
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Tucker, however, already has a deal on the table with Victoria, who he approached to buy the company as he endeavored to prove to Ashley that she was more important to him than his life’s work.

We can presume from the preview, which shows Tucker making Devon a proposition that could “change his life”, that McCall decides to follow Ash’s advice. There’s also a spoiler that teases Victor and Victoria questioning Ashley’s motives as further evidence the move will be made. But would Devon agree to buy McCall right when he’s poised to go to court to fight for Hamilton-Winters, the company he built with the his beloved adoptive father, the late Neil?
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If Devon passes on the opportunity, presumably it would mean a win for the Newmans, who might get a shot at buying McCall after all. So, Victor would get what he wants, which is to use the lure of running the company to entice Adam back into the fold… right? Not so fast. Victor still stands to lose if it goes this way. How? Keep reading…

As was revealed in a private conversation between Victoria and Nate, her plans for McCall Unlimited, should she be able to acquire it, are very different from her father’s. Victoria finds it a “waste” to hand it to her half-brother Adam to run and told her confidante that if she were successful in making the deal, she would dismantle the company, using only the pieces of it that she found useful to Newman Enterprises — such as the entertainment division with its impressive list of titles — which would be a boon to Nate’s Newman Media.
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So, the way it’s looking, whether Devon agrees to buy his father’s company or Victoria is successful in negotiating a deal with Tucker in the end, Victor and his plan to present McCall Unlimited as a returning gift to Adam will be left out in the cold.

Can you even imagine Victor losing out so spectacularly on something he’s been treating as a done deal in his mind?!? Leave your thoughts on this Young & Restless twist in the comment section below.

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