Conner Floyd tease hardships chance Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The daytime actor heads back to primetime.

These days, The Young and the Restless’ Chance has struggled with whether or not he even wants to be a cop anymore. In fact, during a recent conversation with Daniel, he stated that the reason he’d gotten into law enforcement was to make a difference in the world but lately he’s felt as though justice hasn’t been served. However, Chance’s portrayer, Conner Floyd, is continuing to do what he does best and has added another primetime credit to his acting career.

On Friday, March 3, at 8 pm, fans will want to tune in to the new Lifetime premiere, She Inherited Danger, previously titled Help Wanted, starring Floyd as Blake opposite Sarah Fisher as Carly. So, what will his latest thriller surround? Well, like most Lifetime features, including one of his last, If Walls Could Talk, it’ll likely be a race between life and death.

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The story begins when Carly plans to sell the theater that she inherits from her grandfather — and if she would have stuck to that decision, well, there wouldn’t have been an issue… But the movie needs a plot, so when she changes her mind and decides to reopen the beautiful landmark property, things take a dangerous turn.

It isn’t clear yet where Floyd’s Blake fits into the mix, so will his character be a good guy, like Chance, or someone to steer clear of? Stay tuned and be sure to set your DVRs as not to miss!

You also don’t want to miss the return of CBS’ hot new drama Fire Country this Friday at 9 pm, and if you haven’t watched, you can get to know the cast ahead of time by viewing our photo gallery below.