Nate and Victoria kiss YR
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Tucker has a proposition to make to Devon.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of February 27 – March 3, Victoria and Nate could be busted this week. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Last week, Victoria and Victor were stunned when someone beat them to the punch and bought out Tucker’s debt, a move they were planning along with buying McCall from him. Tucker was equally floored when he learned it was Ashley who did so. She lauded the fact that she now owned him, and had big plans in mind, starting with killing his deal to sell his company to the Newmans. Devon meanwhile was intent on moving forward and getting Hamilton-Winters back. Coming up, Devon tells Tucker, “Like I said on the phone, you’ve got thirty minutes to say whatever it is you want to say to me… and try not to lie.” Tucker tells his son, “I’m here with a proposition that could change your life.” Is Ashley going to try and help mend bridges between these two, and bring their businesses together?

Adam received a double whammy the previous week. First Victor offered him his own company to run, which he thought would be McCall. However, Adam only wanted one thing, Victoria’s job. Then he found out Sally was pregnant, but she told him this changed nothing between them romantically. With so much uncertainty in his life, Adam confronts his father next week about the business opportunity he dangled in front of him.  Adam says to Victor, “And if you’re telling me the truth that you have a huge opportunity and you’re not just stringing me along, I would like to hear your plan right now.”

Finally, Audra began to suspect something more was going on between Nate and Victoria, but Nate insisted that wasn’t the case. She reminded him that his predecessor lost their job to an office romance, and those flings tend to get messy. Coming up. Victoria and Nate make out in her office and she starts undoing his tie as Audra approaches from outside the door.

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