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Just when you thought the worst was behind La Spectra, it turns out her problems are just beginning.

It seemed like the worst was over for Sally after she broke the news to Adam that she was carrying his child, but it turns out her trials and tribulations are only beginning on Young & Restless! As word spreads that Ms. Spectra is in the family way, there are others who won’t take the revelation well at all… in fact, there are two in particular who will be so upset they will begin to conspire against her…

As Sally tries to navigate her first pregnancy, while at the same time trying to jumpstart her career and convince Jill to give her a shot at launching her interior design venture at Chancellor-Winters, at the very least she’s had a shoulder to lean on in Nick, who has never wavered.

Victoria, in turn, has proven to be a support for Nick, who revealed he was devastated when the DNA test results showed that Adam, not he, was the father of Sally’s unborn baby. But, we’ve always known that there are other family members *cough* Victor *cough* who would not take the news of the Spectra/Newman child as well.

As it turns out, Victor may be the least of Sally’s concerns, at least for the time being. Instead, it’s Nick’s daughter and La Spectra’s former rival, Summer, who is shaping up to be a major problem.
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As previewed in SOD, when Summer and Sally run into each other in Crimson Lights, the redhead will reveal that she’s pregnant with Adam’s child… even though she’s still involved with Supergirl’s dad.

Although giving the relationship a wide berth, Summer had not been actively campaigning to split up Sally and Nick, knowing how much her father was invested in his new romance. But with the news of Spectra’s new circumstances, that’s all about to change.

Summer takes Sally’s insistence that she and Nick have deep feelings for one another with a grain of salt and leaves her run-in with her former foe with a “mission in mind”.

It’s full steam ahead to the ranch, where Summer will share the news of Sally’s situation with Nikki, and, presumably, her theory that the redhead is using her father to keep Adam at bay.

Expect Summer and Nikki to discount any notion that Nick might actually love Sally and set about devising a scheme to break them up before he gets in any deeper. Will it work, though?!? That remains to be seen.

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