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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

It’s time to meet the whole family!

As the Young and the Restless has been gearing up for its big 50th anniversary celebration, the show dropped one heck of a backstage shocker, making for a mixed bag of news. But we supposed that’s life — full of ups and downs. That’s certainly how things have been for Rory Gibson over the past year.

Noah’s portrayer, for instance, got engaged to love Alicia Ruelas, only for the duo to sadly lose one of their pups, Chet, when he had an adverse reaction to anesthesia during what should have been a simple procedure. It was a devastating loss, made all the worse by how unexpected it was.

Then in December, Gibson introduced us to their adorable new white-furred puppy Cloud, who has since grown leaps and bounds in the past few months. And now we got to meet both of Gibson and Ruela’s “kiddos,” Cloud and his sister Clementine, happily giving each other puppy kisses.

It was the Instagram post that had us all saying “Awwww,” and making us all but forget about the backstage upheaval at Young & Restless.

Clementine’s smile alone is enough to make anyone fall in love, so it’s no wonder Ruelas is smitten with her “children,” responding to her fiancé’s post by proudly calling them “The most beautiful kids!”

Life, we suppose, may be full of ups and downs, whether it’s in Genoa City, behind the scenes of a soap or in our own back yards. But sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and appreciate those who bring joy to it. And how can you argue with those adorable pups and their happy faces!

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