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Out of the proverbial frypan and straight into the fire he goes.

As evidenced by his recent chat with Billy, advising him not to listen to the “naysayers”, Young & Restless’s Jack is doing exactly what he likes in his life without heeding warnings from anyone who cares about him. This coming week it will be full steam ahead for Ol’ Smilin’ as he makes a bold move that no one will have seen coming… at least not this soon.

Fans of Young & Restless have been vocal about the foolishness Abbott has shown by allowing himself to get sucked back in by Diane — as well as pointing out that it doesn’t line up that he was willing to forgive his ex-wife for allowing their son to believe she was dead while refusing to do the same for Phyllis, who merely committed the faux pas of rubbing it in her rival’s face that she and Jack were sleeping together. Make it make sense!

Not only has Phyllis had multiple goes at her former husband for falling back into Diane’s clutches, but Nikki has also voiced her disdain, all while predicting the reunion would inevitably blow up in their faces.

Even their son Kyle is leery of his parents forging ahead with a romance given how badly his mother has hurt his father in the past — and knowing that an affair ending badly could send Diane packing again, which would leave him and Harrison devastated to boot. It goes without saying that his wife Summer, Phyllis’s daughter, is not a fan of the chaos her mother-in-law has brought into their lives either.

But no one has been more outspoken about Jack rekindling his feelings for Diane than his sister Ashley. If she thought it was bad that Jenkins managed to land a job at Jabot and finagle her way back into living at the Abbott mansion, just wait until she hears what Jack has in store next!

Diane has been angling for a higher position at the company, but that’s not the humdinger Jack’s about to drop in his family’s lap. Instead, he’s going to go from the proverbial frypan right into the fire — by proposing!
Jack Diane Y&R

Yup, Jack’s going to pop the question to Diane this week, per SOD, so prepare for Ashley (and the others) to lose their minds in 3, 2, 1…

But will Diane accept? It seems like a no-brainer given it’s one of, if not, her premiere goal to be Mrs. Jack Abbott again, however, there’s a complicating factor that goes by the name of Jeremy Stark. Will the threat presented by her former partner-in-crime override her desire to say, “Yes”? We’ll see. Either way, those who are against a Diane and Jack marriage will be apoplectic that he proposed so soon!

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