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Guess that’s one way to celebrate the soap’s 50th anniversary.

We never would’ve thought of pink slips as being the ideal anniversary gift, but according to a report published by TheWrap, that’s what the breakdown writers for The Young and Restless have received, courtesy of executive producer/headwriter Josh Griffith, who is said to be taking over their roles himself.

Per the article, the boss sacked all five breakdown writers — who are responsible for laying out storylines over multiple episodes — as a cost-cutting measure. But “the timing of the firings is suspect, given that [Writers Guild of America] negotiations were coming up and the show is celebrating a major milestone… ” an insider whispered to the website. “Even more brutal is that four of the five writers of the breakdown staff are all women, one of them being African-American, who was hired with the intended purpose of expanding diversity behind the scenes per CBS’ directive.”

The shake-up comes only two months after co-executive producer Anthony Morina’s exit, which left Griffith as the soap’s sole showrunner. Thankfully, The Young and the Restless has already been renewed through 2024. (Whew.)

Another individual said to be in the know told TheWrap, “There was some restructuring of the [writing] staff to streamline the creative process.” On the orders of Sony, which produces the show… or Griffith? “It was based on what made sense for the show creatively and mirrors the structure at other soaps.”

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If that’s so, other soaps don’t seem to know it. A scribe from a different daytime drama told the website, “We understand the industry is going through transition, but it’s a slap in the face for five hardworking writers to be fired so the co-EP and headwriter can write the breakdowns and line his pockets with more residuals. Soap writers have long felt shafted by WGA, and this doesn’t help matters.”

As yet, there has been no official statement made by The Young and the Restless. Unsure how you feel about this turn of events? Consider the below photo gallery, just a few of the mistakes the soap’s made in recent months.