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We asked and boy did you answer!

As The Young and the Restless has been gearing up to Genoa City’s big bi-centennial celebration that just so happens to coincide with the show’s 50th anniversary, they’ve been pulling out all the stops with a slew of returns. Daniel’s moved back home, Heather returned to town and we got news just last week of five very familiar faces returning for the big celebration.

So naturally, we thought it would be nice to hear from the voice of the fans about who you wanted to return to the show for Young & Restless’ 50th anniversary. We posted that question on Facebook and, well, you answered!

We got nearly 500 comments and though there was a decent spread of characters and actors, one name overwhelmingly kept coming up: Doug Davidson’s Paul Williams! Drucilla, Malcolm, Dylan, the Brooks sisters — heck, even Andy popped up — but more than anyone else, over and over again the fans demanded that Paul be brought back.

And hey, we get it. He was an integral part of the show for decades and while the character is supposedly still around, the way the show’s been handling his absence has been downright baffling.

He’s still with Christine, yet he’s never seen with her. Heather mentioned visiting her dad, but it’s not something that’s happening onscreen. It would make sense to bring him back for the 50th and finally at least show folks that Young & Restless didn’t just turn him into some invisible ghost.

“Can’t you see me?! I’m right here! Hello!”

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But will the show actually listen? Davidson himself said that his role is over, and he seemed definitive enough that we suggested Young & Restless finally deal with his baffling absence. But the fans know who they love and what they want. And that kind of demand isn’t to be taken lightly.

After exclaiming that she wants Paul back, Nicole Kuntz added, “Hey, Young and the Restless, pay attention to what fans want!”

Diana L Burkett, on the other hand, didn’t have much hope. But she still made her feelings clear. “Obviously the writers don’t pay any attention to what is being said on these sites because the biggest majority of the responses here have asked them to bring Paul back. But will they? No! So, I will add my request (or demand) to see Paul back in GC. Will someone please listen to what the viewers want?”

That’s a great question. Will they? The folks at Young & Restless can’t be unaware of the fan demand to see Paul return. But will that be enough to get him back on the screen in March? Is the show saving some of its biggest returns as a surprise for the event itself?

We guess only time will tell.

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