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Her absence from social media made her followers’ hearts grow not just fonder, concerned.

As active as Tracey E. Bregman generally is on Instagram, it seemed odd to her fans when she suddenly fell silent. In fact, it seemed so odd that they became fretful. But happily, it turned out there was no cause for alarm. “Thank you for all the sweet messages asking if I’m alright because I haven’t really been posting,” she said on February 21. “You all are so lovely to worry about me.”

The Young & Restless star doesn’t just have a good reason why she’s been MIA lately, she has a bunch of them. “To be honest,” Lauren’s portrayer explained, “we have been shooting the anniversary shows, so we aren’t allowed to post, and I’ve been moving [into] my place in L.A. And setting up my Airbnb in West Hollywood while in construction in Nashville.”

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No cause for alarm.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Just reading all that, we needed a coffee break! Needless to say, “I’m so excited for this weekend,” the Emmy winner exclaimed, “and I will be posting!”

Bregman’s last message to her fans was almost two weeks prior, on the anniversary of her adorable dog’s Gotcha Day. And, of course, she posted a lot in the days leading up to and after the soap’s celebration of her 40th anniversary as mean girl-turned-leading lady Lauren. (Review the character’s life in photos here.)

Climb the branches of Lauren’s family tree in the below photo gallery that includes some relatives we suspect you’ve forgotten.