Courtney Hope Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Spoiler alert: They spent the day running together.

Young & Restless star Courtney Hope may have an on-screen alter ego whose love life and work life is up in the air at the moment, but the actress knows where her “true north” lies at the end of a busy day at CBS studios playing Sally… and a birthday provided the perfect opportunity for a shout-out.

Hope took to social media on Valentine’s Day to extend birthday wishes to the one who has “changed me in ways I can’t even begin to describe”. It’s gotta be the special man in her life, right? Guess again… it’s a “she” and her name is Stevie Nicks. Not the Stevie Nicks… just keep reading.

The Young & Restless star shared some beautiful photos of her and her fave, who she describes as “sassy” and revealed that “her favorite thing to do is run, so that’s exactly what we did,” on the big day.

Hope noted, “She doesn’t run as far as she used to, but she makes sure she gets a jog in on every walk,” Hope gushed, “It makes me so incredibly happy and grateful to still spend every day with her and to watch her enjoy the little moments of life no matter her age.”

That age? 14-years-old. Yup, Stevie Nicks is the star’s precious pooch and just wait until you get a look at the pics and videos of them together. We couldn’t get enough and neither could co-stars Mark Grossman (Adam) and Judah Mackey (Connor), who loved the post, or Tracey Bregman (Lauren) and Susan Walters (Diane), who jumped into the comment section. See the terrific shots below:

The same day, Hope shared a separate post of herself making a heart with her hands and giving a shout-out to those she loves… whilst hanging in one of the penthouse sets. It’s too cute not to share, so here ya go.

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