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They won’t see this coming… and they will not take it well!

Victor just shared his plans for Adam with Victoria on Young & Restless, and though she wasn’t surprised that her father wanted to parlay their plan to buy up Tucker McCall’s debt into an opportunity for Adam to run it, she was quick to warn her father that he was setting himself up for disappointment. As it turns out, the blow Victoria’s foreseeing may come to pass much sooner than she could ever have predicted… and the Mustache won’t be the only one rocked by when Adam makes his next move…

Victor is so confident that he can best Tucker, who is in dire straits, that he and Victoria strategized to let him know what was coming ahead of time. As it played out, they had a little help in that department from Audra, who left Nate aghast when she returned from a dinner date with McCall and reported that she’d told the man straight out that the Newmans planned to buy up his debt.

Young & Restless viewers will recall that during Victor and Victoria’s discussions about the debt, it was revealed that making the move would not give them a controlling interest in the company. Their strategy involved pressuring Tucker to sell them the majority stake once they were through the door. What does any of this have to do with Adam? Keep reading…

We’ve been wondering why the writers had Adam and Tucker cross paths last week (remember that heart-to-heart where they kinda bonded and teased Nick for being up past his bedtime?) and it’s beginning to become clear.
Tucker and Adam chat at Crimson Lights Y&R

Tucker’s in a position where he has extremely limited options and now knows full well the hammer is about to drop on him and his company. He’ll be at the mercy of Victor and Victoria unless he comes up with an eleventh-hour save.

Adam, meanwhile, has just left Jabot and is in need of a new focus. While Victor’s plan to hand him McCall Unlimited to run is perfectly timed (because the Black Knight planned it this way), Adam is unlikely to want to accept such an offer if it means being back under his father’s thumb and butting heads with his sister, Victoria.
Adam, Victoria thaw Y&R

But what if Tucker approaches Adam, brings him into the loop on what Victor and Victoria have planned, and asks him to buy out the debt before they can? Once Adam hears that the Newmans are angling to get their hands on McCall Unlimited, he’ll realize what dear ol’ dad is up to. Why not beat them to the punch?

For Tucker, it would be a better option, as he and Adam can effectively become partners in McCall, since Adam wouldn’t have a controlling share. For Adam, it would provide the new challenge he needs and would come with the huge added bonus of beating his father at his own game — something practically unheard of!

Young & Restless spoilers indicate that Adam will work to undermine Victoria, and we think this is just what the teaser is referring to — imagine Adam neatly avoiding a return to work with his family and getting the satisfaction of showing them up in the process.

Do you think Tucker and Adam will team up and pull the rug out from under Victor and Victoria? What do you think of the idea? Let us know in the comment section below.

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