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Summer is the latest to last out at Kyle.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of February 13 – 17, is a reunion in the works for Daniel and Heather? Read what happens and watch the preview below.

After learning Kyle had lied to him and was indeed working with Victor to get Adam out of Jabbot, Jack laid into his son for conspiring with the enemy. As Adam eavesdropped on the fight, he was caught by Summer, who he informed what her husband had been up to. Adam however intervened in the father-son fight over him and admitted Kyle was right and he didn’t belong at the company so he was leaving. As if that wasn’t chaotic enough, Diane had also informed Kyle she’d like Phyllis’ old job at Marchetti! Coming up, Summer is the one losing her cool with Kyle as she lashes out, “What does that say about us?! About our marriage?! You completely violated my trust!”

Ashley returns home from Paris, and obviously is going to have something to say about Jack and Diane’s reunion, something Jack doesn’t want to hear. In the preview for this coming week, Ashley challenges Jack, “You think you can kick me out of the family home?!” Jack replies, “I guess so.” Ashley fumes, “We’ve talked about this, Jack. You can’t do it. This is our home, not just yours.” Jack retorts, “How much?” Ashley asks, “How much what?” Jack bellows, “How much is it going to cost me to buy you out of this house?”

Finally, Lily gave Daniel the good news that Jill has approved his Omega Sphere project and was willing to give him everything he asked for. A thrilled Daniel couldn’t hold back his emotions and lept into his exes’ arms. However, he later confided in Chance he was hoping this platform could bring him, Heather and Lucy back together. Later when Daniel found out Phyllis once again went behind his back, this time to Portugal to meet with Heather on his behalf, he had enough of her meddling and fired her. But Phyllis’ meddling may have paid off because this week Daniel gets a shock when he finds Heather is back in town.

What do you think fans? Will Daniel and Heather work things out, or should he and Lily give things another go?

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