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Don’t look here for happy endings! 

Ever since Diane wandered back into Genoa City, Young & Restless fans have been divided as to whether or not she’s a changed woman. Us? We’re pretty sure that sooner or later, she’s going to reveal her true colors and, in the process, leave Jack singing the blues.

This week, we became more convinced of that fact forever… and for multiple reasons. First, there was the scene in which Diane asked, “Are we tempting fate, to be this happy?” and he replied, “This time, fate is on our side.”

Diane Ashley Jack Y&R

As you can tell by her stance, Ashley is ready to  say “I told you so!” at the drop of a hat. 

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Seems as though pride isn’t the only thing that goeth before a fall. Because if there’s one thing we know about soaps, it’s that when a couple ignores the red flags being waved in their face and insists everything’s coming up roses, they’re about to hit the skids.

Then there’s the fact that even Kyle, who for a while there seemed to be his mom’s biggest supporter, has been waffling, voicing concerns about how quickly she and his dad are moving.

But perhaps most telling of all is the fact that Diane just isn’t that great at hiding her agenda. Take, for example, when she made a pitch to head up the Marchetti Home division. An incredulous Kyle asked if she was really angling for Phyllis’ job, out of all the positions available. And although Diane claimed with a straight face that she wasn’t looking for ways to make her flame-haired rival see red, we didn’t buy it for a second.

Young restless phyllis diane office

“I don’t want everything you have,” Diane insisted. “But if you wanted to give me that dress, I wouldn’t be mad at it.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Unless we miss our mark, long before April showers bring May flowers, the bloom will be off the rose where Jack and Diane’s rekindled romance is concerned.

On the plus side, they’ll be in good company. Because in looking around the daytime dial, we realized there are a whole slew of couples who are zooming directly into the danger zone. From a Days of Our Lives twosome whose threesome partner won’t easily be dispatched to the Bold & Beautiful pair whose absence hasn’t really made anyone’s heart grow fonder. And we certainly can’t forget the unhappily wed General Hospital duo who might be taking that whole “till death do us part” thing a little too seriously.

Check out the gallery below in which we take a closer look at soaps’ most troubled twosomes, and see if you don’t agree with our gloomy prediction for their futures!