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One false move could have devastating consequences.

Has no one ever told The Young and the Restless’ Jack that it’s always best to count to 10 before saying anything when angry? Perhaps not, because on Friday, Feb. 10, he makes a major decision… that could also be a major mistake. (Get all the latest spoilers here.)

You’ll recall that the exec was so livid when he learned that son Kyle had been conspiring with his archenemy Victor to undermine Adam at Jabot that the hollering was heard all across Genoa City. You’ll also recall that Kyle expressed approximately, um, no remorse for his actions. Like any spoiled child, he felt strongly that the playground sandbox — the company, in this case — was his alone and not to be shared. Certainly not with that Adam guy!

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“Adam Newman?!? No! I’m the office eye candy!”

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Kyle’s stance puts Jack in a most uncomfortable position. Obviously, he wants to trust his son. But his son has now proven that he’ll go so far as to feed Jabot intel to corporate rival Victor in order to oust Adam from his office. That’s not the kinda behavior that’s going to get Kyle named Employee of the Month!

In fact, it just might get Kyle pink-slipped. If Jack lets his anger get the best of him, he could decide that an exec that he can’t trust is an exec that he can’t employ. Which makes sense. Except that in the long run, giving Kyle the chop would hurt Jack more than help him.

Think about it. If Jack axed Kyle, the young mover and shaker would be supremely pissed at Dad. “Come work for me,” you can just imagine Victor saying. “At Newman, we appreciate a team player who isn’t afraid to bend the rules!”

Suddenly, Jack’s pride and joy is not only hanging with but coming to respect his longtime nemesis. And when Victor gets Adam back at Newman — because Adam always goes back to Newman eventually — the score will be three sons for The Mustache and… zero for Jack.

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