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Asking “Who’s the daddy?” could lead to a surprising answer!

As far as The Young and the Restless‘ Sally is concerned, Nick is the father of her unborn baby. She may not know that for sure, but if she had a magic lamp on which to make one wish, she’d use it to make that a reality.

The rest of us? We’re pretty sure it’s Adam. After all, that’s the path down which more storyline drama exists. And while we’ve complained for ages that Young & Restless seems almost to be working at avoiding drama, we’re sure this particular tale is going to have a few tantalizing twists ahead.

Which is why, when we sat down to chat with Courtney Hope recently, we couldn’t resist throwing a few potential twists her way… including one that was admittedly far-fetched: What if Sally’s baby wasn’t fathered by Adam or Nick… but rather their father, Victor?

Laughing, Hope went on to admit this wasn’t the first time the notion of a Sally/Victor hookup had been floated. “It’s like a huge, running joke in my family,” she shared. “All my aunts and uncles watch, but I never tell them anything. So they have to guess what’s next, just like everyone else.”

It was one of those uncles who recently asked that she divulge the show’s biggest secret. “He wanted to know who the father of Sally’s baby is,” Hope shared. “He asked, ‘Is it Adam? Or is it Nick? Or is it Victor?’ I was like, ‘OMG, don’t start that rumor online!'”

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Meanwhile, Hope says that she understands exactly why Sally would want Nick to be the father of her child. “Her feelings for Nick are different than what she felt for Adam— and maybe still does, even if she doesn’t want to admit it,” the actress muses. “She loved Adam more than she’d ever loved anyone, but that also gave him the power to hurt her more than anyone had when he walked out.”

Nick is, by comparison, the very picture of stability. “I’ve been playing Sally for a little over five years now,” she mused, “I’ve thought so much about what she would look like as a mom and what she’d look for in a partner, especially considering her background. She was raised by her grandma, who was very loving and caring, but she was abandoned by her parents. That left a huge mark on her.”

So now that she’s about to become a mother, Sally’s taking that into consideration. “She would want her child’s experience to be completely different than her own, and that means wanting stability.”

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to get it, right soap fans?

Check out the below collection of photoshoots Hope has done during her time on both Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless!