Nick Sally Adam mashup
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Shocking, yet almost predictable.

Young & Restless viewers are divided into two camps over who should be revealed as the father of Sally’s baby — Team Adam and Team Nick — but we’re not at all sure it’s going to be that straightforward. As soap fans have learned, there is always someone lurking around the lab, who might have a vested interest in the outcome of the paternity test. In this case, we can think of at least two…

Sally’s been in an absolute tizzy lately, what with her hormones spinning out of control, and worries about becoming a parent. Adding onto the pile, she doesn’t know who fathered the child, and she’s trying to get a new business off the ground while being hindered by interference from none other than The Great Victor Newman himself.

Victor is none too pleased about Sally’s involvement with Nick or Adam and he’d be even less happy to know she’s carrying a child belonging to one of them. Given that he blames Sally for Adam walking away from the family business — and he’s actively scheming to bring his son back into the fold — he’s unlikely to relish the idea of Sally and Adam reconnecting over the news that they’re having a baby together. He might take steps to ensure that’s not the outcome here.

“But,” you’re thinking, “Victor doesn’t even know about the pregnancy, so how could he switch the results?” Well, it’s not too late for him to stumble onto the news. Also, he tends to be “all-knowing and all-seeing” when it suits a storyline, so don’t ever count him out.

Of course, Victor wouldn’t be any happier about Nick fathering Sally’s child. Could he rig the test to look like neither Nick nor Adam is the father? We’re sure he could find a way.

However, there’s another person who really most sincerely doesn’t want Sally to ever get back together with Adam, and who is totally Team Nick. She is most definitely the type to sneak into the lab and monkey with the results (or convince her hubby to hack into the lab’s computer) — yup, Sally’s pal, Chloe.

Chloe loathes Adam to the point that she’s tried to kill him more than once and would have zero qualms about making such a move. In fact, she would genuinely believe that she was doing the right thing for her friend and business partner by making it appear that Nick is the father of Sally’s baby and not Adam.

Chloe knows about the pregnancy and she’ll know about the paternity test, which makes her a far more likely candidate than Victor to mess with the results.

So, we’ll soon know whether Nick or Adam is the father of Sally’s unborn child… but will we truly be able to trust what’s revealed? What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comment section.

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