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Jack wants to know what Victor’s next move is.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of February 6 – 10, Victor and Jack’s business feud is heating back up. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Victor is determined to lure Adam away from Jabot no matter what he has to do, and Kyle has been only too happy to get Adam out of the family company. Kyle gave Victor information that Adam has not been pulling his weight on the projects he’s involved with and giving his all. Victor saw it as proof that Adam didn’t belong at Jabot. Nikki meanwhile worried Victor’s obsession with bringing Adam back into the family fold would make him an enemy of Jack, and Victoria feared it would push Nick away again.

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After Nick warned Adam their father was working to sabotage him at Jabot somehow, Adam went to Jack with this information and his suspicions that Kyle was in on it with Victor. Of course, when Jack confronted his son, Kyle swore he was not working with Victor, though Victor had approached him.

This week, Jack calls out Kyle for conspiring with Victor Newman behind his back and sabotaging Adam’s work at Jabot. As Adam eavesdrops, Kyle yells at his father, “He doesn’t belong here dad!” Jack demands to know what Victor’s next plan is.

Meanwhile, Victor says, “Have you ever known me to walk away from a fight?” It sure is looking like Victor and Jack are about to go to war over Adam. And could Kyle’s sabotage cost him his job at Jabot?

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