Jack and Kyle's lies YR
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Billy and Adam continue to spar over Chelsea.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of February 6 – 10, Sally awaits news on who the father of her baby is. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Adam opened up to Chelsea last week that he actually hasn’t been happy at Jabot, and hated admitting his father was right that he didn’t belong there. Of course, when Billy and the boys showed up to meet with Chelsea, Adam quickly grumbled when he saw how Billy and Chelsea looked at one another. Billy later took Chelsea out for dinner at Society, but only as friends. Coming up, Adam confronts Billy, who says to Adam, “Let me guess, you have an opinion about me and Chelsea going out to dinner together.” Adam replies, “Yes, I do.” Is Adam’s concern for Chelsea more than just a friend and co-parent? And are Billy and Chelsea really capable of being just friends?

Victor continued to sabotage Sally’s business, and an angry Nick warned his father he was putting him in a position to choose between Sally and Newman, and he’d choose Sally given the situation. Victor realized something was going on that he didn’t know about, and Victoria later warned her father not to risk pushing Nick away again, especially over his obsession with bringing Adam back to the company. In what’s to come, Victor tells Victoria, “Imagine all the things we could accomplish around here if Adam applied his business acumen and intelligence to our company.”

Kyle met with Victor and gave him dirt on Adam’s performance at Jabot that might be of use to him. Nick later warned his brother that Victor was up to no good again, and was trying to somehow sabotage him at Jabot so he’d return to Newman. Adam took this intel straight to Jack and also revealed his opinion that Kyle was in on this with Victor. Jack confronted his son, who admitted Victor approached him, but he made no commitment to the Newman. Jack told Kyle that Adam was no concern of his, and he’d deal with the fact Adam hadn’t been giving the job his all. Next week, new information appears to have come to light as Jack accuses Kyle of lying to him.

Finally, when Sally got the news that her blood pressure was high, she knew that wasn’t good for the baby. Nick continued to stand by her side and insisted she’d be a great parent, and he was all in with her. After sex Sally finally broke down and admitted this baby could be Adam’s. Coming up, Sally tells Chloe that she’s finally scheduled the paternity test. As any soap viewer knows, when there is a paternity test, there is often someone involved in switching the results!

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