Tucker Y&R
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Let the games begin!

Tucker’s got a boatload of troubles on Young & Restless and no one has much, well any, sympathy for the guy, who rolled into town claiming he wanted to reconnect with ex-wife Ashley and son, Devon, but massively mucked it all up.

Going about things the wrong way, he managed to alienate Devon, who believes he was trying to take over his company, rather than buy into it so they could work together. Having just made inroads with Ashley, it was majorly unfortunate timing that she happened to be there when Devon confronted his father and essentially disowned him.
Tucker Ashley Devon Y&R

Tucker’s reputation proceeds him, you see, so unsurprisingly, he was unable to convince Ashley that he had nothing but good intentions where his son was concerned, or, for that matter, where she and her company were concerned. As a result, Ashley took off out of town and headed back to Paris to lick her wounds, but not before confiding in her daughter Abby, who is now pissed at Tucker as well, on behalf of both her mother and Devon.

He’s still got Audra though, right?! Well, she may have succumbed to his overtures and slept with him, but that doesn’t mean she’s on his side, in fact, it’s possible she’ll sell him out to her new employer, Newman Enterprises — she already revealed to Nate that Tucker’s interested in Daniel’s gaming platform.

Poor Tucker doesn’t even have the comfort of counting the profits from McCall Unlimited to help him bear up — according to Victor and Victoria, he has loans coming due and can’t pay up. He may be about to lose it all!
Tucker Y&R

We’ve learned something that should put the smile back on his face, however. (Drum roll please…) Ashley is coming back to Genoa City!

Melissa Ordway (Abby) shared a photo from the set on social media captioned, “Good morning from Genoa City!” and the shot includes her, Eileen Davidson (Ashley), and Trevor St. John (Tucker), who is smiling by the way — told you!

This means that Ashley could be back on our screens anytime — before February Sweeps for certain — and Tucker will get another opportunity to shoot his shot. He’s gonna have to bring a lotta game to get back in her good graces this time!

Davidson jumped into the comments to remark, “Fun times with my awesome tv daughter always!!!!”, Bryton James (Devon) chimed in, “My family!”, Tracey Bregman (Lauren) dropped two hearts, and Ordway’s husband Justin Gaston (ex-Chance) blew a kiss.

If you can’t get enough behind-the-scenes action, there’s another candid shot that appears to be from the set — this time a selfie — amongst the beautiful family photos as Ordway shared memories from the month of January 2023. We love her blue dress!

Are you hoping Tucker and Ashley will get back together or is there someone else you’d like to see the character paired with? Let us know in the comment section below.

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