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Episode # 12473
U.S. Airdate 10/18/22
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More than a baby may be coming her way!

We’ve written before about how The Young and the Restless desperately needs some have-nots on the canvas. (Missed it? Here’s the story.) When everybody in Genoa City is filthy rich, to what is any character aspiring? Spoiler alert: nothing. We just get nonstop job swaps and mergers and takeovers, none of which ever feel like they are impactful. “Wealthy guy fired at company No. 1 goes to work at company No. 2. Still wealthy. Big whoop.”

But that could be about to change, thanks to Sally. With a bun in the oven and two potential babydaddies on the hook, she could draw to town not only a couple of have-nots but a couple of ne’er-do-well ones at that: her parents. If and/or when it hits the news that she’s having one of the Newmans’ heir — and likely tying the knot with one or the other of them to boot — Mom and Dad could make a beeline for Genoa City hoping to get a new address on Easy Street.

Sally phone Y&R

“New phone. Who dis?”

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They’d say, of course, that they want to make up for lost time with their little girl. But the carnies would be more interested in cashing in on her million-dollar baby than in offering the support that they never did when she was growing up. As Courtney Hope explains to, “So much of who she is and even some of the mistakes she’s made in the past are because of the fact that her parents basically abandoned her. That’s the ultimate betrayal — they just left.

“And that’s part of the reason that she’s tried so hard, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, to find stability in her life,” she continues. “Whether that meant taking care of her sister or building a business or finding a partner.”

Now this is a family reunion we’d watch!

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Mom and Dad’s arrival could altogether undermine the progress that Sally has made. No longer is she the schemer who once faked a terminal illness and kidnapped a romantic rival to snag a man. But the likes of Victor and Nikki would have an easier time looking down their noses at her if her trashy folks were in town. And imagine how much fun the soap could have with the casting! We could see Melrose Place alum Laura Leighton as Mom and former castmate/real-life husband Doug Savant as Dad. Or Riverdale schemer Nathalie Boltt and Christopher Cousins (formerly Cain on One Life to Live). See? Fun!

Would you like to see Sally’s parents in Genoa City? Imagine hanging a branch for them on the Newman family tree as you peruse the below photo gallery of Victor and his kin.