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The only way to protect the Abbotts may alienate her from them for good.

Young & Restless’s Diane just made perhaps the most important promise of her life when she told Kyle that no matter what happens she would never abandon him again. Unfortunately for her, that vow may be put to the test almost immediately…

Diane finally has everything she wanted, including stability, now that the threat of Jeremy Stark has been neutralized, and was quite comfortable reassuring her son that she would never leave him ever again. As is wont to happen on soaps, however, this kind of promise is often foreshadowing of just such a situation presenting itself.

Young & Restless spoilers tease that Nikki will back Diane into a corner, which can really only mean one thing — the Mustache’s wife is about to put the considerable leverage she has over her nemesis to good use.

We thought it was strange when Nikki told Victor she was content to let things slide where Diane and Jack’s jewel heist was concerned and that she was just glad that Stark was behind bars. After months of gunning intensely for Jenkins, with the goal of running her out of Genoa City, she finally gained the upper hand but wouldn’t use it?!?

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Make no mistake, Nikki definitely has the advantage, and from the sounds of the teaser, she’s going to lower the boom. If La Newman does what we think she’s going to do, Diane will find herself facing the agonizing decision of a lifetime.

Given that Nikki’s singular goal has been to rid the town of Diane since the moment she stepped foot in it, we’re all but certain she will tell Jenkins she needs to pack her bags and go — and if she refuses, she will bring charges against her and Jack for the jewelry heist.
Nikki, Diane catfight Y&R

This will leave Diane in the unenviable position of having to decide whether or not to protect Jack by agreeing to Nikki’s terms, thereby breaking the very important promise she just made to Kyle. Foremost in her mind will be Kyle’s very recent speech about how important Jack is to the Abbott family, which would collapse without him.

Of course, she won’t be able to explain why she’s leaving (because this is a soap opera), so she’ll be left no choice but to disappear into the night to keep the man she loves from being prosecuted, and in the process, she will devastate both Jack and Kyle, who will be left believing his mother is every bit the unfeeling monster (or at least the flake) he feared.

Diane could call Nikki’s bluff — after all, she’s highly unlikely to send Jack to prison — but is it a risk she can take? Even if Nikki wouldn’t follow through, Victor might. In fact, he may be using the jewel heist as leverage to make his own demands from Jack. Find out how here.

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