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Someone knows what Jack did… and he’ll use the information to achieve his own ends.

There were some very puzzling scenes involving Nikki and Victor earlier this week on Young & Restless. Scenes that left us wondering, “So, that’s it?!?” You may even be able to guess which ones we’re referring to… but what do they have to do with Jack? Well, we’ll tell you…

Victor questioned Nikki about the break-in at their Chicago pied-a-terre and asked her why she didn’t share her theory that Jack and Diane were behind it with Chance. Astoundingly, Nikki declared that she was fine letting it be and was just glad Stark was back behind bars. Say what?!? Nikki had been scheming for months with Phyllis and Ashley to rid the town of Diane Jenkins and was handed a golden opportunity to do just that and she isn’t going to take it?!? All she’d have to do is tell Jack she’s turning him in unless her nemesis leaves Genoa City!

Victor then upped the ‘what the hell?’ factor of the conversation when he, too, took a passive approach to the situation. He told Nikki that what Jack did infuriated him, yet he was willing to leave the consequences up to karma, saying Jack would get what he deserves by reuniting with Diane.

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Since when has Victor been passive in a scenario like this? Particularly, when it pertains to his biggest rival, Jack Abbott? Never, that’s when. Never. And we don’t expect him to start now…

Knowing that Jack committed a crime against him presents The Mustache with the perfect opportunity to achieve one of the goals he currently has topmost on his mind — getting Adam away from Jabot.

Rather than monkeying around conspiring with Kyle, who is out of his league matching wits with Adam, frankly, all Victor has to do is threaten Jack.
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Yes, Victor can effectively blackmail Jack into firing Adam from Jabot Cosmetics by threatening to go to Chance with their theory about the jewel heist. Victor may not have absolute proof that Jack was the perpetrator, but how hard would it be for him to get it? Besides, Jack wouldn’t know for certain whether Victor had evidence or not.

We can definitely see Jack’s jewel heist coming back to bite him in this way, and not only will it hurt him and his company, as they’ll lose Adam, but it will also hurt Victor’s son, who was finally forging a path of his own.

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Do you think Victor will use the dirt he has on Jack to achieve his own ends? Let us know in the comment section below.

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