Kyle helps Victor get to Adam YR
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Nate is the latest to question Audra’s loyalty.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of January 30 – February 3, Phyllis is determined to get back into Daniel’s good graces. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

While helping Daniel with his dream project, Phyllis realized there could be trouble at Chancellor-Winters. He was uneasy about the IPO and whether they could back his project, so Phyllis went behind his back to pitch the idea to Nate and Newman Media. Meanwhile, Tucker, who also heard Daniel was working on something big from Phyllis, approached him about backing him. Daniel was miffed with his mother, and Lily asked for a week to sort things out and offered to let him out of his contract if she couldn’t back him. Next week, Phyllis tells Summer, “I’m going out of town. I just wanted to let you know.” Summer asks where she’s going. Phyllis explains she is going to meet with Heather and convince her to take her brother back. Could this have anything to do with Billy and Lily’s breakup, and Daniel starting to connect with Lily again? Or is she just trying to get back in his good graces after her latest blunders?

After being fired from Chancellor-Winters for being Tucker’s mole, Audra found herself invited to work at Newman Media as their new COO. Nate was very open to collaborating with her and hearing her ideas. After Phyllis pitched them Daniel’s project, Audra warned Nate, who was very interested in Daniel’s idea, that Tucker wanted it too. He wondered how she knew. Coming up, Nate says to Audra, “Someone else in my place might wonder if you’re working Tucker, or me, or both of us.”

And as Nick took in the news that Sally was pregnant, Victor taunted him that Adam would soon be coming back to the company as things would be taking a turn at Jabot. That would mean Nick would be working with Adam again, and Victor didn’t want Sally coming between them. Nick told his dad to get off Sally’s case, but he wasn’t about to. In this preview of the coming week, Kyle tells Victor, “I found something interesting. Something I think you can use to get Adam out of the company.”

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