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So glam! Eileen Davidson marveled, “It’s not like any other ever,” as Sharon Case gushed, “Wow!”

It’s been a terrific 50th anniversary year for Young & Restless, which has delighted fans with the return of past stars such as Michael Damien (Danny) and Michael Graziadei (Daniel) as well as some breathtaking drama. But the icing on the cake of any such milestone is when the cast gathers together to celebrate and commemorate the occasion with a photo.

In the case of The Young and the Restless, this is the perfect opportunity to truly dial up the glam, which is an element of the daytime drama that their fans have been drawn to throughout the years.

But gathering a cast of this size together for a photo — or any undertaking really — is no small feat. Thankfully, those working hard behind the scenes to make it happen pulled it off and the result is amazing!

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In a video released by People, many of the Young & Restless stars milling about during the shoot took time to weigh in on the enormity of the soap marking its 50th year on the air and to share their feelings on the cast photo day, which Eileen Davidson (Ashley) referred to as “unlike any other”. Peter Bergman (Jack) noted, “What’s special about today, is that you never see the entire cast together.”

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) understated, “That’s a pretty great-looking group,” and added, “These are my friends. At the end of the day we love each other so much.” Her co-star, Joshua Morrow (Nick) thought the feeling was that of a “high school reunion,” while Sharon Case (Sharon) simply gushed, “Wow!” as she reflected on the show’s impressive 50 years.

We can’t even decide which of the eye-popping gowns or tailored suits we like best — they all look incredible. You can see the brand-new 50th anniversary cast photo here and watch the behind the scenes video below.

Let us know what your favorite Young & Restless 50th anniversary moment has been thus far!

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