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Billy and the Newmans won’t like this one bit.

After the devastating chain of events that led to the end of Victoria’s marriage to Ashland, the stalwart Newman buckled down after his death and focused on work… but it will soon be time for her to test the waters of love again.

Most would assume she’d choose a steady and reliable type this time so as to seek out a drama-free relationship, but the new man on the horizon may be anything but that…

Victoria was undoubtedly full of pain, anger, and even sadness over Ashland’s betrayal and death but she didn’t show it to the outside world. In fact, she channeled it into her work, becoming more ruthless than ever at Newman Enterprises, firing Sally Spectra, and unapologetically plotting to take over Chancellor-Winters despite her brother Nick’s opposition to all of it.

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Having been alone for a while now, surely it’s time that Victoria finds someone new to intrigue her and light a fire inside her that has nothing to do with acquisitions of the corporate variety (although mixing business and pleasure has always appealed to Victor’s daughter). Given what she’s gone through in recent years, it won’t be an endeavor for a man faint of heart. It turns out that someone in Genoa City already fits the bill… and they’ve already crossed paths.

If you sat up and took notice when Victoria and Tucker were trading insults the other day, you’ve already realized that the pair has chemistry. Victoria referred to Tucker as “an invasive species” and McCall, in turn, made noises about coming for Newman Enterprises. While this seems like the opposite of a burgeoning attraction on the surface, many a love story on soap operas has begun with exactly this type of interaction.
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Victor’s daughter is nothing if not a woman who loves to be challenged, and Tucker McCall would certainly cover all the bases in that department. Their’s could end up being the love story that Victoria and Ashland’s might have been had he not lied to her about having a terminal illness — a bonafide power couple turned on by one another’s prowess in both the boardroom and bedroom.

Young & Restless spoilers tease that Victoria will push Tucker’s buttons in an upcoming episode. Two interactions in one week is a surefire indicator that the writers have something in store for this duo.

Is it romance? If so, it’s going to be a long road to get there, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that what is being set up is entirely different. Tucker has a potential mole at Newman in Audra, and the story may well be that he makes a play for the corporation after all.There’s more than a few viewers who would like to see Victoria take a hit.

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We kinda like the idea of Tucker and Victoria being drawn together romantically — if their verbal sparring match was anything to go by, the pairing could be combustible. As a bonus, the Newmans and Billy would lose their minds and the reaction from Ashley would be incredible. Once upon a time, Victoria gave Ashley an incredibly hard time over her involvement with Victor, so there’s a history of animosity between the two. Works for us!

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