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“She’s in survival mode right now.”

It ain’t easy being Sally Spectra. Granted, the beautiful redhead who made her way from The Bold and the Beautiful to The Young and the Restless, can sometimes be her own worst enemy. But as portrayer Courtney Hope explains, Sally has grown a lot since first viewers met her.

“She’s constantly having to overcome her past and the mistakes she made,” says the actress. “It’s easy to move to a new city and make a fresh start, but I don’t think she realized how much her past would be brought up and continue to be a burden in her career and her relationships. She’s had to work to overcome all of that and prove to everyone she’s not the same person anymore.”

Which could be a tad difficult, given that she’s now in what might be considered the messiest situation she’s ever found herself in. One might say now knowing which of two brothers fathered her unborn child is sort of the quintessential Sally mess. Which leaves us to wonder… would she consider lying about the paternity of her child in order to make sure her life stays on the path she’s chosen?

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“I don’t think she would,” predicts Hope, adding that “if this were a few years ago, probably. But now, she’s trying to be as honest as possible with herself and everyone else. Already, everybody sort of assumes she would be deceptive, so it’s almost an act of courage for her not to be.”

The past few years have given Sally time to do a little self-exploration, says Hope. “I think she’s really deepened and become more of a grounded human being,” she reflects. “She’s had to make peace with her truth and confront her truth. And that’s sort of humbled her in many ways. It’s also allowed her to grow into her own skin. I look back at where she was in the beginning and think, ‘Wow, she’s grown a lot.’

“At the same time, however, she’s still got that fight in her,” smiles the actress. “She’s in survival mode, That’s something that’s ingrained in her and she’ll never lose.”

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