Lauren Fen hug GH
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Nick wonders what his father is up to now.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of January 23- 27, Phyllis and Tucker continue to find themselves in each other’s orbit. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Victor has been trying to bring Adam back into the family company, but Adam won’t budge from his job at Jabot. As for his other son, Victor has made it clear he doesn’t like Nick’s involvement with Sally. Well, he better get ready for a big surprise, as last week Nick finally began to suspect that Sally’s bug could be more than she was letting on, and she was pregnant. She finally admitted to him that she was, but who the father is the bigger question. Coming up, Nick asks Victor, “Okay, let’s hear it — what are you plotting or scheming now?”

Tucker tried to reach out to Devon and explain his motives for secretly infiltrating Chancellor Winters. He simply wanted to work with his son again, and have Ashley as his wife. Devon let him know using games and dirty tricks wasn’t the way to do it and cost him his goals. With few people left in his corner, Tucker put some feelers out to Phyllis and seemed interested in what Daniel was up to at Chancellor Winters. She refused to give up any information on her son’s project to him. Next week, Tucker says to Phyllis, “So, it sounds like your son’s venture isn’t going so well at Chancellor-Winters.” Phyllis replies, “That’s none of your business.” Tucker muses, “Well, it could be. And it definitely should be.” Why is he so interested in Daniel’s project?

And as the show gears up to celebrate Tracey E. Bregman’s 40 years on the show, Zach Tinker returns as Fen! However, he’s not alone. Fen returns with a male friend in tow and greets Lauren with a hug. (Who’s that guy? Find out here.) They’re surrounded by Michael, Kevin, Chloe, and Gloria. Who is this special friend?

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