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"The Young and the Restless" Set 
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Los Angeles
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Episode # 12515
U.S. Airdate 12/19/22
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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?

To put it mildly, The Young and the Restless’ Adam did not have what you’d call a good relationship with ex-fiancée Heather. First he let her down by lying about his attempt to frame Daddy Dearest Victor for murder, then he cheated on her with his lawyer, Rafe. (You remember that twist, right?)

Nevertheless, Paul’s daughter could never stay away from Adam for long. And with Vail Bloom set to reprise her role in February — thus reuniting Daniel with both his estranged significant other and their little girl, Lucy — the time could be right for a rematch. After all, a lotta years have passed since Adam and Heather’s last disastrous hookup.

yr adam heather ss engen muhney

Adam and Heather… the way they were…

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That Was Then, This Is Now

These days, Adam is all Debbie Downer, what with sweetheart Sally having traded him for brother Nick and former wife Chelsea getting all buddy-buddy with his nemesis, Billy. And should Adam and Heather cross paths, it would give him yet another reason to be bummed. “Oh yeah, another relationship I blew.”

But there may also be light amidst the darkness. Heather is, after all, on the outs with Daniel. So like Adam, she could be feeling reflective. Is she just not meant to have love in her life? She and Adam could commiserate and wonder anew why they couldn’t make it work. They certainly had passion. “I think the answer you’re looking for is… me,” Adam might offer. “I’m the reason.”

Sooner than later, Heather just being in town for a visit, would notice that Adam seems to have changed… matured… grown more thoughtful. He’d argue that most of Genoa City would disagree. “I wasn’t planning to take a poll,” she might say, noting that it’s nice having a friend in him. Unexpected… but nice.

Adam Sally Y&R

“‘I’ve moved on’ are not the three little words I like to hear, Adam.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

‘That Was Not a Goodbye Kiss’

When Heather leaves Genoa City again, she and Adam would both acknowledge, however reluctantly, that there feels like there’s new business between them — new and unfinished business. “Too bad you have to go,” he’d say.

“And I do have to,” she’d reply. But even as they said it, their lips would be drawing closer, and boom. Nope, Heather would have to stick around Genoa City after all. Adam 2.0 is too tempting an offer to turn down. Of course, that, in turn, would set up the next leg of the drama: when it turns out that Sally is having Adam’s son or daughter, not his niece or nephew!

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