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If at first you don’t succeed… you know the drill!

Maybe The Young and the Restless didn’t quite know what it had on its hands when it cast Zach Tinker as Michael and Lauren’s son in 2018. How the show didn’t quite know, we can’t imagine, ’cause the guy sure popped on screen. But for whatever reason, the actor, now Days of Our Lives’ Sonny, was not particularly well-utilized as Fen. That could be about to change, however.

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“Watch your back, bro.”

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To celebrate Tracey E. Bregman’s 40th anniversary in Genoa City, the soap is staging a Lauren-centric episode on Wednesday, Jan. 25 — one that will bring back to the canvas the character’s younger son. Hopefully, now that Tinker has shown the powers that be what a charisma machine he is at Days of Our Lives — it and Young & Restless are both Sony TV series — they’ll seize the opportunity to unmake the mistake they made by backburnering him and then nudging him all the way off the stove.

The time is perfect, too, for Fen to move home to Genoa City. Diane and the drama that comes with her has put a whole lotta stress on son Kyle’s marriage to Summer… who just happens to be the onetime object of Fen’s affections. Finally, perhaps the show will realize the full potential of a Summer/Fen pairing (which it sure never did when Max Erich and Hunter King were playing the parts).

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Yep, there’s room to come between ’em.

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The fact that Tinker is in the thick of things over on Days of Our Lives wouldn’t be an issue, either. Soaps have gotten pretty good at sharing their MVPs. Look at Greg Rikaart, who stirs the pot as Days of Our Lives’ Leo and still resides among the Young & Restless as Kevin… or Wally Kurth, who bops back and forth between Days of Our Lives as Justin and General Hospital as Ned. And those aren’t even both Sony shows!

What do you think? Shouldn’t Young & Restless bring back Fen? On your way to the comments, check out our brand-new photo gallery below that explains who’s who in the Baldwin-Fisher family.