Melissa Claire Egan Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The only thing “cuter than a baby in a snowsuit” is perhaps that same baby dancing!

As things get steadily better for her Young & Restless alter-ego, Chelsea, Melissa Claire Egan took some time out behind the scenes to get away with her little family and the results were positively squee-worthy!

Chelsea’s been doing so well since her suicide attempt that she’s been able to return the favor and offer support to Billy as he goes through his break-up with Lily and suffers from nightmares about that fateful night on the Grand Phoenix rooftop. A recent visit from Victor left us concerned that Chelsea may face a significant threat in the not-too-distant future, but for now all seems good — she’s even getting along with Victoria, her son Johnny’s adoptive mother — a feat that one would have thought all but impossible mere weeks ago.

Since all work and no play would make Egan a dull girl, she and her family decided to spend some time on the slopes at Mammoth Mountain in California recently. This wasn’t just a mommy and daddy retreat — Egan’s young son Caden was along for the fun and, boy, did he get into it.

In the first photo the star shared from Mammoth, Caden eyeballs the camera in a shot with mom and dad and is wearing a toasty warm snowsuit with a bright green dinosaur hood to keep his ears warm. He looked so yummy it prompted one fan to ask, “Is there anything cuter than a baby in a snowsuit? I think not! 😍”

Follow-up photos included the gang’s onesie party, in which Caden once again featured in his dinosaur one-piece, and the wee guy sporting a bit of a sour face in a heavy snowfall. Of course, it was his “first snow” so he was bound to wonder what the heck all that cold stuff was falling from the sky!

Egan also shared video clips and we’re thankful she did because they were so stinkin’ cute! In one, Caden plods up a hallway in his rather cumbersome snowsuit and his mommy can be heard saying he looks like a “little marshmallow man”. Love it.

In another clip, Caden steals the show as the gang gets down on the dance floor. Bouncing along gamely to the music, when the beat really kicks in, so does the tiny talent, who bobs and spins — and looks absolutely thrilled to be shaking it alongside his mom. Such a happy little guy!

But it wasn’t without “meltdowns” as Egan detailed in her caption: “Mammoth! Thanks for the fun and the memories. Best friends, baby’s first snow, beauty, blizzards, (couple meltdowns), onesie parties, dance parties, and ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️💙”

Take a look at the fun that was had by all (and squee over the baby!) in the post below:

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