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Apparently, there are some things that one doesn’t even bring up.

When recently floated the idea that The Young and the Restless should rub out Paul Williams for its 50th anniversary — since there were clearly no plans to return him to the canvas — viewers took it… Mm. How to say. Poorly.

Doug Davidson, said one fan, “was treated horribly. Disgusting that the executives and other powers behind the scenes showed him no loyalty. There’s no need to kill him off on screen. They already killed him off by knifing him in the back in real life.”

Except… yeah, there is a reason to kill him off on screen — to free up islanded wife Christine and allow the plot to move forward. There are umpteen story options for Lauralee Bell’s character: a reunion with Danny, the husband that Phyllis stole away… a romance with Jack, the ex of archenemy Phyllis… a flirtation with Nick, with whom we already know she has chemistry. None of those can really be played with Paul somewhere… out there.

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“On second thought… ”

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“I get the absence isn’t explained,” the Emmy winner said in response to our initial article, “and it would stop the questions…

“But it’s hurtful,” he added. “In addition, not sure what it buys you storewise. But not my call.”

What it buys the top-rated drama is the ability to once again enmesh Bell’s Christine in amorous storylines. It opens the door to reintroduce the misused character of Paul’s daughter Heather in a meaningful way. It allows the show to take one big step forward without taking a bigger one back.

The soap never quite figured out what to do with Heather.

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