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The Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor takes a passionate stand for what he believes in.

Those who have followed the nurses’ strike in New York City likely have their own opinions on the matter and so does The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden (Victor). The CBS soap vet took to Twitter to show his support for the group and stated, “Nurses need to be paid more money, period!”

He went on to remind everyone that being a nurse is “an essential profession,” one that is “essential to all of us!” But his message didn’t stop there, Braeden voiced a solution to the matter and suggested, “Instead of cutting services after a hospital takeover by some rapacious companies who pay their execs a lot of money, pay the nurses and orderlies!”

The topic in question is a result of the strike that had been going on since Monday, January 9, when over 7,000 New York City nurses took a stand and walked off their jobs at two hospital systems in Manhattan and the Bronx. For four days many took to the streets to march in picket lines while holding signs demanding better patient care, as well as fair contracts for both patients and nurses. Then on Thursday, January 12, the strike ended after the unions and hospitals came to an agreement, which included a pay increase.

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One can only hope that better days are ahead for everyone involved. It’s no secret that hospitals all over the country are understaffed and given the pandemic, not to mention other health issues that land people in the hospital, our nurses are the glue that holds everything together and they deserve to be treated fairly, as do the patients with which they care for.

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