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“She’s weighing the pros and cons out in her head… ” 

Even before The Young and the Restless‘ Sally found out she was pregnant, fans were debating whether Adam or Nick was her Mr. Right. Throwing a baby into the mix — not to mention one which could have been fathered by either brother — has definitely complicated things.

So which guy does the redhead’s portrayer, Courtney Hope, think is the right guy for Sally? “I always approach my work as I approach my own life, which is to ask, whether on my behalf or that of a character, ‘What are my goals and dreams, and what are my wounds that keep me from getting there?'” explains the actress. “So when I look at Sally, her dream is to have the family she never had, and to have the career that she’s always wanted. And her core fear is that she’s going to be abandoned and that she’s not going to be able to handle everything on her own, because people will just leave.”

Adam Nick Sally Y&R

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So when it comes to the men in her life, Sally faces a true conundrum. “She’s weighing the pros and cons out in her head,” muses Hope. “Adam understands who he is to her core and loves her anyway. But when he left her so abruptly, he essentially poured salt into that already deep, deep wound. Because of that, I understand what she sees in Nick. He’s got a loyalty that she needs, and he also has the stability that she craves.”

All of which is well and good… but which is the guy she should be with? When pressed, Hope admits that “Adam and Sally are cut from a similar cloth, if not the same cloth. So I sort of see them as a match. But… “

Ah, there’s always a “but,” isn’t there?

“They trigger one another,” she concedes, adding with a laugh, “and that might not be the best thing when she needs stability more than ever, thanks to the baby!”

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