Jack Phyllis Diane Jeremy Tucker mashup Y&R
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We can’t imagine Jack or Ashley will be too thrilled about this match-up either.

After spending the first months of his return to Genoa City lurking around on the down low, Young & Restless’ Tucker had things blow up in his face rather spectacularly as Devon disowned him and Ashley walked out on him after the fact.

Knowing his accomplice at Chancellor-Winters, Audra Charles, had been fired, and his plot to hi-jack Jabot had been exposed, Tucker didn’t even have a juicy business takeover to console himself with after the onslaught.

Unable to schmooze his way out of the accusations being flung at him by his son, Tucker, well, tucked tail and made his way to Noah’s Glam Club to drown his sorrows — where he ran into none other than Phyllis, who was also stewing.

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Phyllis, of course, was still hurt over the falling out with Summer (despite having a fresh perspective on it all thanks to Daniel) and had gone over to the Abbott manse to try and make amends. It was then that she looked through the glass entryway door and spied her most recent lost love, Jack, macking on her rival, Diane. Ouch.

It’s not that she was completely unaware that Jack had been falling under Jenkins’ spell again — she was — but seeing the evidence presented so bluntly had to have burned.

So, when Tucker sat down at the club and asked Phyllis, “So, are you ready?” and she asked, “For what?” and he replied, “To burn it all down,” it was a delicious moment. Yep, that sound you heard was Young & Restless fans all over gasping in anticipation of something juicy finally happening.

Tucker and Phyllis are two of the scheming-est characters on the show to begin with, and it doesn’t get much juicier than a pair like this teaming up to wreak havoc.

Of course, we didn’t get to see Phyllis’ reaction as the episode ended, but we can only hope she’ll agree. It might all depend on the reception she gets when she finally gets a face-to-face with Summer. If things go well, it may extinguish any burning desire she has for vengeance… but if Summer’s unwilling to make nice, Red’s bound to be fired up anew.

If Tucker and Phyllis team up and neither feels they have much, if anything, left to lose, it’s going to be Diane’s worst nightmare come to life. We can’t imagine Jack, or Phyllis’ frenemy Ashley will be too thrilled about the match-up either. Which is why we love the idea!

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Do you think Tucker and Phyllis will team up? If so, will their partnership begin and end with plotting… or will they take it to the bedroom? Let us know your thoughts on the storyline possibilities in the comment section below.

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