Devon names a traitor
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Is Audra about to be outed?

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of January 9 – 13, Billy and Lily are officially over as the new year begins. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Last week Billy opened up to Chelsea that Lily thinks their relationship might be over. She urged him to fight for Lily, but Billy knew the problem was with him and his need to find the next thing to give him a rush. Billy did reach out to Lily, and they agreed to keep trying to work things out after all they’d been through. However, their first couples therapy session turned out to be a disaster. Coming up, Chelsea finds Billy crying and asks, “What happened?” He tells her, “It’s over.

Ashley let Jack have it for kissing Diane and allowing her to remain in their lives instead of exiling her forever. She warned her brother that Diane would never have a place in their house or their company. Unfortunately, Ashley seems to be turning a blind eye to another snake in their midst, though Jack knows Tucker is a danger too. So he probably won’t be thrilled that next week Ashley and Tucker have sex! Afterward, Tucker tells Ashley, “That’s what I remember and missed so much. Don’t tell me you don’t?” Ashley snuggles up on his shoulder.

Devon was somewhat perturbed with Jill, Lily and Audra for moving forward with the IPO, and later told Lily he’d find a way to stop it. Audra eventually let Tucker know that Jill and Lily have started the ball rolling with the IPO, but Devon is still resistant to the idea. Tucker was certain his plan would work and soon he’d be working side-by-side with his son. When Devon told Tucker of his idea of taking Hamilton-Winters back from Chancellor, Tucker offered to help his son out. Next week at Chancellor-Winters, Devon tells Audra and Lily, “I’m not worried about Nate anymore. I’m worried about a completely different threat.” Lily asks, “What are you talking about?” Devon declares, “We have a new traitor at the company.” Has Audra been found out?

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