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Everything was going so well. And then… ack. It wasn’t going quite so well anymore.

Regular readers are well aware that in mid-December, Young & Restless leading man Eric Braeden underwent knee-replacement surgery. And his recovery was going tremendously well, aside from the fact that hospital food, dicey as it is known to be, left him more excited about graham crackers and applesauce than he might otherwise have been. Upon being discharged, he’d even resumed working out, noting earlier this week that “sitting doesn’t hurt the knee! There’s always some exercise one can do!

“Never give up or in!” he added.

Unfortunately, the real-life storyline of Victor’s portrayer takes a twist — and not the kind that results in “And they all lived happily ever after,” at least not at first. Three days after the above post, the Emmy winner returned to Twitter to offer up a confession. As he put it, “I have an admission to make. As you all know, I was making great progress! And then last night, I stupidly overdid it by doing little squats!”

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Not the best idea ever, it turns out. “Well, the result of that foolishness is in: Knee is swollen again, so do not push too hard when recovering from knee surgery! It’s stupid!”

Oh, we won’t. On your way to the comments to wish Braeden a speedy recovery, review our newly expanded photo gallery of the handsomest men in daytime history. Needless to say, the Young & Restless icon is among them.