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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

“Totally incredible!”

For better or worse, the urge to look back as we move forward seems to be baked into humanity’s very nature. Sometimes, as in the case of The Young and the Restless‘ Lauralee Bell, that urge is definitely a beautiful thing. It’s something fans have been able to do with Danny and Christine’s wonderful Genoa City reunion. And it’s something Bell herself did as she stepped into the new year.

The actress took to Instagram to share a photo from a few months back, that harkened back to even more beautiful times.

“Throwing it back only 2-3 months ago,” Bell shared, “but when I look back at 2022 this was super special for me, and I wanted to show you. When we lose loved ones, we hope they stay near, hopefully feel their presence in some way. Many of you know when my mom passed away, we moved the rose bushes that were outside her bedroom to our yard!”

Bell’s mom is, of course, legendary broadcaster and Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless co-creator Lee Phillip Bell, who passed away just under three years ago.

“At her house,” the actress continued, the roses “were never taller than my shoulders. I’ve posted a few tall ones over the past year, but this was the last one before we had to cut them for winter about 10 weeks ago. I’m choosing to believe my mom had something to do with this to say ‘I’m still right here.'”

And while most of us won’t get quite such a beautifully personal sign, in a very real way, Lee Philip Bell is still with all of us. She’s with us practically every day as we watch two of her beloved creations, Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless. So long as they’re around, the legendary creative force will always be with us.

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