Young Restless Danny Christine
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“There’s so much that was left unsaid… ” 

For a brief moment on The Young and the Restless, we were all transported back to our youth as Danny and Christine were reunited. As the flashbacks rolled, they weren’t the only ones caught up in their memories of the long-ago love which so captured the hearts of viewers. “It felt so special to be sharing scenes with Michael Damian again,” admits Lauralee Bell. “Danny and Cricket were part of a very special time in the show’s history, and we were able to recapture it beautifully.”

But sweet as the reunion was, it — like all good things — came to an end. Bell, however, thinks there’s more to the story and would love to see it play out. “Danny asked Christine to take him to the airport, and she seemed a little bit hesitant,” the actress reminds us. “But eventually, she does. And I was saying to our headwriter, Josh Griffith, that it would be really interesting to at some point find out what was said during that car ride. There was so much that was left unsaid between them.”

Yes, Christine is married — happily, as far as we know — to Paul. But there’s an awful lot of history between her and Danny. “People have a firsts love, and that’s sort of embedded in your heart,” Bell reflects. “Life moves on, but those memories and feelings live on inside of you. You can’t go back, and you probably don’t even want to, but having that brush with the past is probably super exciting, at least at first, before it becomes just heart wrenching.”

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It’s easy to get caught up in thoughts of what might have been, but there are also some cold, hard realities that must be faced. “It’s not like Christine would ever just bring her life to a halt for Danny,” muses Bell. “Following him on the road was never exactly high on her list. He offered that to her at one point, and she was like, ‘No, you go do your thing.'”

That said, Danny took a job working with son Daniel, which could bring him back to Genoa City on a more regular basis. And as his portrayer, Michael Damian, recently told us, “There has to be a part of Danny that wonders what life would have been like, maybe even could be like, if he decided to give up the rock-and-roll lifestyle.”

In other words, who knows what the future might bring. “Michael is definitely open to coming back, so the opportunity is definitely there for us to further explore this story. All we can do is put it out there in the universe!”

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