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Fortune favors the bold.

Young & Restless has been so heavily telegraphing future story lately that we’d have to have been blind to have missed it. The show is setting up Billy and Lily to split up so that he can rehook up with Chelsea, and Lily can try, try again with ex-husband Daniel. Sally’s pregnancy also suggests that, when the dust settles, Adam will be revealed to be the father, not Nick, and “Ally” will get a do-over.

But what if the soap is just toying with us? What if the powers that be are laying out the puzzle pieces in so obvious a fashion, only to reveal that the picture they will form is an altogether different one? Who doesn’t love a good surprise, after all!

Victor shocked Y&R

“Well, this is a surprising proposition!”

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Our hope is that the show isn’t going the predictable route, the one that tells us which twosomes will be canoodling a month in advance. Instead, how jaw-droppingly fun would it be if Billy did indeed remain a support system for Chelsea… as he began throwing sparks anew with Phyllis? They’re both coming off failed relationships, they have a past, and we’ve never seen Billy with this Phyllis (since Gina Tognoni was playing the part during their affair).

What’s more, rather than just stick Lily and Daniel back together again, why not throw a twist at them… by letting Audra blow up Noah’s romance with Allie and instead of re-pairing the exes, let Noah and Lily start hanging out. Test their chemistry. See if any is there. At the same time, Daniel could date his way up one side of Genoa City and down the other.

Daniel Y&R

“Fourteen-thousand Tinder matches in six minutes? Wow.”

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Finally, maybe Young & Restless is only making us think “Ally” is getting a second chance. But in reality, Sally’s pregnancy will drive the final nail in their relationship’s coffin, freeing Adam to focus on work. As he takes stock of his life, at the same time that Sharon is adjusting to her new reality without husband Rey, their friendship could be reinforced… and ultimately, they could remember how once upon a time, they tried to be good to and for one another. Perhaps this time they could get it right?

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