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She thinks it can’t get worse. Wait.

The Young and the Restless’ Phyllis sees redder than red when she thinks of Diane. It doesn’t matter whether Phyllis is imagining her rival in Genoa City, at Society, spending time with Kyle and Summer or just breathing. Phyllis still fumes. But her level of outrage is about to reach a whole new level.

As 2023 begins, it forces “Jack and Diane to work together to try to defuse the bomb that is Jeremy Stark,” executive producer/headwriter Josh Griffith tells Soap Opera Digest. “He still poses a big danger, and as Jack and Diane try to figure out how to solve this problem, they’ll continue to get closer.”

Diane kiss Jack Y&R

As far as Phyllis is concerned, the exes were already too close. So this development will only throw more gasoline on the fire. While she plots with Nikki and Ashley, who’s never known when to say “Enough!” much less “Enough is enough!” the connection between Kyle’s parents will deepen. Their “bond will continue to drive Phyllis absolutely crazy,” teases Griffith, “and heading toward extreme payback.”

What might that be? On one hand, Jeremy could make a move that proves why everyone shudders when he walks into a room. On the other, Jack and Diane may do something that leaves no room for Phyllis to hope to separate them — as in get married!

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