Danny meets with Christine YR
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Sally’s got a big dilemma on her hands!

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of January 6, the new year could bring old couples together, and tear others apart. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

When Diane fled town, thanks to Jeremy Stark’s arrival, Kyle and Summer seemed to distance themselves from the Abbott household for the holidays. The couple actually enjoyed a secret trip to a cabin with Harrison and Diane for the holidays so they could be together. Summer however let Diane know she and her involvement with Stark have put Kyle in a terrible position, and while her own mother crossed a line, she was her mother and wouldn’t turn her back on her. However, Phyllis believed Summer had turned her back on her and chosen Diane over her own mother, crying that Summer broke her heart. Next week, Summer turns to her brother and loses it over all that’s been going on. Daniel had no idea that things had gotten so bad. Summer exclaims, “I have just been going along with everything Kyle wants! For the sake of our marriage.” Daniel asks, “So what are you going to do now?” Good question! Will she make a stand?

Victor attempted to try and convince Adam to leave Jabot and come back to Newman, but Adam shot his father down. Victor warned Adam he was his own worst enemy and had nothing and it was his own damn fault. Victor then turned his attention to his other son, wondering when Nick would stop cavorting around with Sally Spectra. Nick has no intention of doing so, but things are about to change. Last week Sally was feeling a bit under the weather and Chloe began to ponder if she could be pregnant. Sally completely shut the idea down. However, we know from another preview that Sally is indeed pregnant! When Sally realized she was late, she confided in Chloe that she recently slept with both Adam and Nick! Coming up, Sally asks Adam, “Why are you being so nice to me?” He replies, “I think you know.” Last week he noticed her drinking herbal tea and assumed she was under the weather. Has he figured out why?

Finally, when Christine learned Danny was back in town, she couldn’t help but start reminiscing about the past Christmases they’d spent together when they were married. Of course, she’s currently married to Paul, whose been MIA for a while now. Coming up, Christine says to Danny, “Thanks for waiting.” He tells her, “It’s worth it to have some time with you.”

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