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What may be in store for Sally is the last thing she ever expected.

The Young and the Restless has been so obvious with the signs that Sally is pregnant that, in short, she can’t be. Because would the show — or any show in 2022 — really beat viewers over the head with all of the usual hallmarks of a soap bun in the oven, knowing how we’d roll our eyes and laugh at the clichés? It’d wind up being added to our list of the sudser’s biggest blunders of the year. (Review that photo gallery here.)

Oh, Brothers!

Er, let’s hope that Young & Restless wouldn’t be that transparent in its plotting. What we, as well as a number of fans, suspect the show is actually doing is setting up Sally with a serious, potentially fatal, illness. Perhaps even the big C. And the irony in that will be, when she discloses her condition to loverboy Nick, who’s well-versed in her Bold & Beautiful history as “the woman who cried ‘dying,'” he’ll be like, “Yeah, pull the other one.”

His skepticism, in turn, could spur Sally to turn toward Adam. He, better than most, would understand her shame over her past lie and her eagerness to do better… to be better. If he stepped up when Nick stepped back, “Ally” fans could get the just the reunion for which they’ve been hoping.

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“You get me. You really, really get me.”

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If Ya Can’t Do It Right, Don’t Do It!

On the flipside, even as the audience is predicting that Sally is sick, not just morning-sick, many are dreading the possibility. “You’d think Genoa City was built on top of a nuclear waste dump for all the cancer-driven storylines,” read one remark on’ Young & Restless message board. “The powers that be cannot write cancer/illness/pregnancy storylines and should be avoided at all costs.”

Another commenter pointed out that Young & Restless tends not to follow through on its cancer storylines. For instance, “Michael’s testicular cancer (that ‘got better’/went away?), Ashley’s breast cancer (nothing more on that), Lily’s cervical cancer (all’s well there for her… ), Sharon’s breast cancer (no hair loss, no port shown later in her story where there obviously was one early on)… “

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“This had better have a setting for ‘massage.’”

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Rumor Has It…

As word spreads that Sally is ill, or claiming to be, it would surely reach Bold & Beautiful, right? Concerned about son Nick’s questionable choice of a new girlfriend, Nikki would compare notes with her friends on the West Coast. By doing so, she’d be filling in enough Los Angeles denizens to what’s going on that Sally’s ex Wyatt would hear about it.

You’ll recall that he was the guy she was so keen on holding onto that she pretended to be dying while she tried to get him to knock her up. She even kidnapped his girlfriend, Flo! Immediately, Wyatt would hop on a plane to Genoa City to warn Nick and Adam that they’re being played… only to find out that maybe this time, Sally really is sick.

Wyatt questions Sally on Bold and Beautiful

“Credibility is not exactly your strong suit.”

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Stick Around, Why Don’t Ya?

As she and Wyatt unpacked their troubled past, he’d disclose that he and Flo broke up and he’s looking for a new beginning. Sally might suggest that there’s never a dull moment in Genoa City, and although Summer tends to disagree with anything her sometime foe says, she has to concede that that’s true.

In their interactions, Wyatt and Summer don’t mean to send sparks flying, but they do. It’s a relief for her to be able to hang with someone whose mother doesn’t despise her mother and vice-versa. (Then again, do we really think Phyllis and Quinn would get along?) Since Genoa City execs hand out executive jobs like they were party favors, Kyle and Summer would hire Wyatt to work at Marchetti, perhaps replacing Phyllis.

But what neither of them realize at the time is that, as Diane and Phyllis’ drama continues to take a toll on “Skyle’s” marriage, Wyatt could present a very appealing alternative to Summer.

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