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Wait, what happened? 

Christmas isn’t usually the time that we expect a lot of surprising news, but The Young and the Restless‘ Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) dropped one heck of a bomb on folks with a quick update! By the end of it, though, it still wasn’t quite clear what had happened!

What we do know from LeBlanc’s Instagram post is that he spent Christmas in the hospital and — most importantly — he’s alright! But other than that, the only clue we have is seeing his hand wrapped up as he waves (surprisingly cheerfully) to the camera.

In fact, by the time the actor was able to share the photo with a “Merry Christmas,” he was apparently in good enough spirits to joke that he got “run down by a reindeer.”

At least, we hope he was joking. Actually, depending on where he was… reindeer do exist and could run a man down!

But LeBlanc quickly made clear that there was no need to worry and that he was home and “doing well. Actually one of the most amazing Christmases I’ve ever had. What a gift…Lillie and Doris and Theresa and Anita and Olivier and especially Karen and all the health care workers, nurses, residences, doctors security guards, gurney pushers, dietitians, the people who smile at strangers… everyone, everywhere who are fighting the good fight every day but especially during this holiday season.”

In fact, we can almost guarantee that few people would see a hospital trip on Christmas Day as a positive experience, but the care he got clearly filled LeBlanc’s heart with joy.

“What a blessing to be around those who in a very real way have dedicated their lives to healing the world,” he concluded, adding a profusion of thanks and turning to master wordsmith Charles Dickens to wrap up his update. “God bless us, everyone one!”

With that said, the actor was skimpy enough on the details to elicit a flurry of concern in the comments, from friends and fans alike!

While Eileen Davidson (Ashley) hoped all was well, LeBlanc’s onscreen wife, Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) didn’t waste any time when she saw the post. “OMG,” she wrote, “calling you now!”

And after Lauralee Bell (Christine) thanked the healers “who took care of Christian,” and wished him a speedy recovery, she asked Bregman to text her that their friend was OK after her call.

Jessica Collins (ex-Avery) sent her love along in a heart and wrote, “Get well soon and God Bless our healthcare workers,” while Bold & Beautiful‘s Jennifer Gareis (Donna) shared our amazement at his incredible optimism.

“You are so positive even when faced with challenges,” she exclaimed. “I love your outlook!! Feel better!”

Others, though, had plenty of bafflement mixed in with their concern!

“Bro,” Sean Dominic (Nate) began, “what in the world man?!”

And Bold & Beautiful‘s Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) had much the same sentiment as they chimed in hoping the actor was OK!

“What the hell did you do LeBlanc,” Brooks wondered, while Lang added, “Oh no! What happened? And where are you?”

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Those are all questions we have in spades! And while we wish LeBlanc a speedy recovery, hopefully he shares an update when he’s able to let us know that all is still well — and maybe clue us in as to what happened!

Either way, that sounds like one heck of an unusual Christmas and we’re just glad it did not have a tragic ending. We’ll be sure to update if we find out anything more!

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