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Plus, why she finds some of this week’s scenes hard to watch. 

There are certain things that longtime Young & Restless viewers will never forget… and a few they’ll never forgive. Perhaps one of the biggest is the massive mess Phyllis made when she set her sights on happily-married Danny, ultimately destroying his life with true love Christine. This week, all three characters will be back in Genoa City at the same time… and that promises to be very interesting!

“When Christine finds out that Danny is in town, she immediately starts having flashbacks to some of their times together,” previews Lauralee Bell. “They’re nice because people who’ve been watching for a long time get to sort of relive it, and those who are newer viewers get a little bit of context for who these characters were and what the history was.”

Some of those early scenes, however, are downright squirmworthy for the actress. “In some of the first scenes, I have my Minnie Mouse, Chicago accent. I’m sure some people find it cute, but it’s hard for me to watch! The best thing about it, for me, is that you can see my growth as an actor. When we get to the later scenes and Christine is confronting Phyllis, my voice goes down a couple octaves and I’m really giving it to her! Christine went from sweet and innocent to ‘Don’t mess with me!'”

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Years have, of course, passed since the height of their rivalry… but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the old wounds have healed. “You always hope that someone will come to the kinder side, but that little spark is in them, and you don’t know what will trigger Phyllis. So Christine will always be guarded around her.”

As for Danny and Christine’s long-awaited reunion, it is bittersweet in many regards. “We start by catching up,” previews Bell, “but we then get into what our lives could have been like had Phyllis not entered the picture. But our lives have moved on. We’re in different places. It’s sweet and emotional and awkward.”

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